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Recently British Council  published a Job Circular. Bangladesh Citizen can be applied to this Job Circular. So if you built your career British Council   can apply for this job. We will be given this Jobs all updated information here. Recently Dhaka, Chittagong, Mymensingh, Rangpur, Sylhet,Rajshahi, Khulna and Barishal  Devision All Department Job Circular publish.

You know published all jobs circular. As a result, British Council   Circular published now. Those Who wants to join this requirement can be applied by this circular. We also will be published all information of this job. We also will be published British Council   Job and more Got and non-govt job circular in Bangladesh.

Published on: 18 Jan, 2019

Application Deadline: 31 Jan, 2019

Vacancy: N/A

[box type=”success” align=”” class=”” width=””]Trainer for Core Skills Professional Development Packages [/box]


  • Promote cultural relationships and the understanding of different cultures between people and peoples of the United Kingdom and other countries;
  • Promote a wider knowledge of the United Kingdom;
  • Develop a wider knowledge of the English language;
  • encourage cultural, scientific, technological and other educational co-operation between the United Kingdom and other countries;
  • Otherwise promote the advancement of education.

The British Council works in more than 110 countries around the world and employs over 7000 staff worldwide.  It has its headquarters in the UK, with offices in London, Manchester, Belfast, Cardiff and Edinburgh.

Further information can be found at

Introduction and background

The core purpose of the British Council’s work in school systems is to improve learning outcomesthrough:

  • Building a body of research that is publicly available on best international practice
  • Providing and enabling consultancy on system improvement on a continuum from access to quality to innovation
  • Providing services that support practitioners to deliver high quality education

In order to maintain and develop its position as a world leader in this area, the British Council has now developed a range of professional development assets that can be used in various ways by different programmes and country operations where we have an offer for schools. These assets will be closely aligned with the latest thinking of global leaders in educational discourse and the priorities of education systems worldwide.

Every country in the world needs a high quality, inclusive and equitable school system that develops young people who are able to:

  • Live and work in a globalised economy
  • Use their knowledge, skills and values to contribute responsibly locally and globally

In order to do so, there is growing consensus that school systems need to develop young people with certain core skills and competencies (often known as 21st century skills or “Deep Learning” skills) which can be categorised as:

  • Skills for living in, and contributing to, a fairer world: global citizenship and civic responsibility
  • Skills for working: collaboration and communication
  • Ways of thinking: critical thinking and problem solving
  • Key tools – crucially ICT literacy

Specifically, the British Council’s work with schools will contribute towards the development of the following core skills and competencies in young people (see Annex 3 for further details):

  • Creativity and Imagination
  • Student Leadership and Personal Development
  • Citizenship
  • Critical Thinking and Problem Solving
  • Digital Literacy
  • Collaboration and Communication

Young people who receive this high quality education and develop these skills we believe will best contribute to the future stability and prosperity of our global society.
See Annex 3 for further details of the Core Skills training packages.


The British Council seeks to recruit trainers to deliver its new Core Skills Training Packages offer to teachers and school leaders (head teachers) in Bangladesh for a period of 12 months We welcome application from individuals. Individual can specify whether they wish to be considered only for teacher training or only for school leader (head teachers) training, or for both teacher and school leader training.
When applying for school leader training, please describe your specific experience as a school leader or as a school leader trainer.

Context of Core Skills Training packages

The successful trainer will deliver training interventions for teachers and/or school leaders (head teachers) based on the British Council Core Skills training packages (see Annex 3 for further details of the Core Skills training packages). The introductory training packages are designed to be delivered over the equivalent of a working day. The in-depth training packages are designed to be delivered over 3 working days with a period of approximately 9 weeks between days 1&2 and day 3. In between these face to face training events, participants will be expected to deliver their agreed actions and participate in a number of “reflect, re-plan, do” meetings. The training packages are intended to inform and inspire teachers and school leaders to reflect on and makes changes to their practice, pedagogy and, where appropriate, curriculum.
This model of professional learning is intended to follow the principles of good practice, such as: being suitable intensity; spaced; modelled; including practical elements; provision of feedback; including peer review;  self-reflection.

Successful trainers will be required to support and encourage teachers and school leaders to use a variety of means (including through online British Council forums) to collaborate and share experiences with their peers both locally and internationally.

Up to 30 participants are expected to participate in each training intervention. Numerous cycles per year could run concurrently or in succession.

The training packages will be delivered globally as part of the British Council’s schools offer in individual countries. In many territories, this will be under the Connecting Classrooms programme, which aspires to train 4,500 teachers and 4,500 school leaders/head teachers between 2018-2021.

Conditions and contractual requirements

The Contracting Authority is the British Council which includes any subsidiary companies and other organisations that control or are controlled by the British Council from time to time.

The services contract awarded under this tender will be for 12 months initially with the option to extend for a further 12 months in June 2019 and again in June 2020.

The appointed trainers will only process personal data accessed in performance of the services in accordance with the British Council ’s instructions and will not use such data for any other purpose. The contracted trainers will undertake to process any personal data on the British Council’s behalf in accordance with the relevant provisions of the Data Protection Act 1998 and ensure appropriate and legislative consent is acquired where necessary.

The British Council is committed to equality and to positive action to promote this.  It believes that an Equal Opportunities Policy helps to ensure that there is no unjustified discrimination in the recruitment, retention, training and development of staff on the basis of gender including transgender, marital status, sexual identify, region and belief, political opinion, race, work pattern, age, disability or HIV/AIDS status, socio-economic background, spent convictions, trade union activity or  membership, on the basis of having or not having dependents, or any other relevant grounds.  The appointed trainer must agree to operate in accordance with these principles while undertaking work at or on behalf of the British Council.

The British Council is committed to open government and to meeting its legal responsibilities under the Freedom of Information Act 2000 (the “Act”). Accordingly, all information submitted to a public authority may need to be disclosed by the public authority in response to a request under the Act. The British Council may also decide to include certain information in the publication scheme, which the British Council maintains under the Act.

If trainers considers that any of the information included in their completed documentation is commercially sensitive, it should identify it and explain (in broad terms) what harm may result from disclosure if a request is received, and the time period applicable to that sensitivity.

The trainers should be aware that, even where they have indicated that information is commercially sensitive, the British Council might be required to disclose it under the Act if a request is received.

The trainers should also note that the receipt of any material marked ‘confidential’ or equivalent by the British Council should not be taken to mean that the British Council accepts any duty of confidence by virtue of that marking.

The trainers will comply with all applicable legislation and codes of practice, including, where applicable, all legislation and statutory guidance relevant to the safeguarding and protection of children and vulnerable adults and with the British Council’s Child Protection Policy; in addition the trainers will ensure that where they engage any other party to supply any of the services under this agreement that that party will also comply with the same requirements as if they were a party to this agreement.

All relevant policies that trainers are expected to adhere to can be found on the British Council website – The list of policies includes (but it is not limited to):

– Anti-Fraud and Corruption
– Child Protection Policy
– Equal Opportunities Policy
– Fair Trading
– Health and Safety Policy
– Environmental Policy
– Records Management
– Privacy

Mandatory due diligence information will form part of your response to this call.  You are required to complete the information related to “mandatory and discretionary rejection” as part of your response.

The British Council’s contracting and commercial approach in respect of the required services is set out at for each of the Lots in their respective Schedules (the “Contract”).  By submitting a tender, you are agreeing to be bound by the terms of this call and the Contract without further negotiation or amendment.

This document does not constitute an offer to provide goods and/or services to the British Council.

All costs incurred in the preparation of the proposal are the trainer’s responsibility.

The British Council reserves the right to request reference information.

The British Council is not obliged to award a contract for these services and reserves the right to withdraw from the procurement process at any stage.

Scope of work, specification and outputs

The British Council seeks to appoint expert trainers to deliver high quality face-to-face training interventions for teachers and/or school leaders on the British Council Core Skills training packages (as set out in Section 4 above) in Bangladesh from April 2019 to March 2020 (with the option to extend for 12-24 months).

Each appointed trainer will deliver training interventions as part of an agreed programme of delivery agreed with the British Council. The programme of delivery will align with curricular priorities and opportunities for schools in the relevant country – including primary, secondary and special schools.

Trainers will be mobile and be able to reach teachers and school leaders from all/specific geographical areas in Bangladesh.

Each appointed trainer will:

  1. Plan and agree with British Council an annual Core Skills training programme of delivery at the beginning of each year of their contract, with reviews at regular intervals.
  2. In consultation with British Council (and with local stakeholders as directed), shape the content, structure and length of courses to suit the specific needs of participants – using the British Council’s suite of Core Skills training packages and recommendations for delivery, as well as their own knowledge of appropriate training styles and methodologies in each national context.
  3. Ensure that all workshops for teachers and school leaders (head teachers) are led by validated trainers (see below) and that high-quality inputs are provided.
  4. Provide support and mentoring to other trainers with development needs in your country. This might include telephone and email support or co-delivering training to help model best practice and share knowledge and experience.
  5. Support the British Council’s monitoring and evaluation systems by implementing the learning outcomes evaluation strategy and gathering participant feedback on the content, structure and delivery of the courses, and making recommendations for continuous improvement. The British Council will record and analyse feedback received to help inform future developments in our schools offer. For quality-assurance and monitoring purposes, British Council members of staff will attend a small selection of courses delivered by each provider.
  6. If required, be willing to deliver training in other countries (subject to agreement in advance) to help support the global rollout and success of the Core Skills training programme.
  7. Actively participate in a global network of Core Skills trainers from countries around the world where the training packages are being delivered. Appointed strainers are expected to engage with this network via online forums and networking spaces on a regular basis.
  8. As required by the British Council, take part in additional face-to-face quality assurance and professional development workshops for Core Skills trainers. The dates and venues of these follow-up workshops will be determined in consultation with trainers.

Training and Validation of Trainers

Each shortlisted trainer will go through a process of validation. The validation process consists of two phases. The first phase involves the completion of a pre-Validation Questionnaire for each proposed trainer as well as the completion of the online course “Introduction to Core Skills for teachers”. The proposed trainers that can provide the evidence requested in the questionnaire will then be invited to attend a local face-to-face training, assessment and validation event. The shortlisted provider will only be awarded a contract for those named trainers who meet the validation criteria.

Training, assessment and validation events will be led by a validating organisation (already appointed via a separate tender) in partnership with the British Council. Proposed trainers, if successful, will be validated to lead and deliver Core Skills training interventions in their country.

Successful trainers will be experts in delivering and facilitating participatory professional development training workshops and will have relevant knowledge and experience relating to Core Skills. The following are some the key requirements:
Training Skills

  • Ability to deliver training in a facilitatory and participatory style
  • Ability to deliver training in a culturally sensitive way (i.e. local context specific)
  • Ability to respond to participants’ needs in a creative and flexible way
  • Ability to design and adapt activities and materials to meet participants’ needs.

Personal qualities

  • Ability to discuss and agree appropriate learning outcomes
  • Ability to listen and communicate effectively and provide appropriate feedback
  • Ability to build strong professional trainer to participant relationships
  • Ability to sensitively show professional confidence to objectively challenge misconceptions
  • Ability to model best practice base on knowledge and experience.

Content knowledge

  • A strong knowledge of the core skills framework and modules
  • Ability to adapt and apply the modules’ to the local context
  • Ability to work with both school leaders and practising teachers.
  • Flexibility to apply module content in response to group demands
  • In addition for school leadership training, trainers will be required to:
    • Have hold a school leader (head teacher/principal) position in a school or/and
    • have academic knowledge of school leadership or/and
    • have previous extensive experience of training school leaders

Trainers must be available to attend a training, assessment and validation for which dates and place will be informed later.
Trainers will be expected to carry out some preparatory work before the event, and follow-up work post-event.


Activity Date
Call for application released 17 January
Clarification / questions from applicants (includes T&Cs queries) Till 22 January
Clarification responses from the British Council (includes T&Cs responses) Till 28 january
Application submission deadline 31 January

Note: Timescales are estimated and may be subject to change with some limited scope for negotiation.

Instructions for Responding

Please complete Annex 1 (Application) and submit it to: Schools.Trainerapplication@britishcouncil.orgno later than 05.00 PM 31 January 2019.

The following key points must be considered when responding to this call:

  • Please ensure that you send your submission in good time to prevent issues with technology – late submissions may not be considered.
  • Do not submit any additional documentation with your application except where specifically requested.
  • Supporting evidence (PDF, JPG, PPT, Word and Excel formats only – other formats should not be used) can be provided to substantiate your response – please ensure that all attachments/supporting evidence is clearly labelled with the appropriate question number.
  • Any supporting marketing materials should be provided separately to the main application. All the references to such marketing content should be explicitly annotated in the response.
  • It is not acceptable to submit a generic policy in answer to a question. If you submit a generic policy you must indicate the page and paragraph reference to the appropriate content.
  • All answers in the application should be inserted in the space below the British Council requirement / question.
  • Any alteration to a question will invalidate your response to that question and a mark of zero will be applied.
  • Completion and submission of your response does not guarantee award of any contract from the British Council.
  • Please ensure that your responses are concise, unambiguous, and directly address the requirement stated or question posed.

Clarification Questions

Any questions should be submitted via email to: no later than 05.00 PM 22 January 2019.

Evaluation Criteria

The applicants’ submission will be taken into consideration only if it passes Section 1 – Mandatory and Discretionary Rejection.

Applications will be assessed using the following criteria and weightings.

Section Selection Criteria Weighting
1 Educational qualification:
Minimum masters degree in any discipline
2 Track record of successfully delivering professional development training to teachers and head teachers in Bangladesh 20%
3 20%
5 Quality management 10%
6 Fluency in English 10%
7 Cost 20%
TOTAL 100%

Evaluation of submitted applications will be undertaken by an evaluation panel. This will consist of British Council representatives with significant experience and knowledge of the requirements. The qualitative aspects of your response will be evaluated entirely on your response submitted. Evaluation of all submissions will only consider information presented within the response. Any previous experience must be clearly evidenced within the response.
Evaluation will be fair and transparent.

The responses under each sub category will be scored based on the following matrix:

Points Interpretation
10 Excellent  A comprehensive and strong answer indicating the individual is fully capable and experienced to deliver the required outcomes. A detailed response that directly responds to all requirements with no ambiguity and relevant examples provided.
7 Good  There are slight concerns that the individual will not be able to achieve all the outcomes required and response lacked details of relevant experience. A less detailed response that broadly responds to the requirement with some ambiguity and few relevant examples provided.
5 Adequate – There are concerns that the individual  will not be able to achieve the outcomes required and response significantly lacks details of relevant experience. A less detailed response that broadly responds to the requirement with some ambiguity and no/irrelevant examples provided.
3 Poor Response/Limited Evidence – There are serious indications that the individual will not be able to achieve the outcomes required and has not provided appropriate evidence of experience to successfully deliver the outcomes required. A response that is not entirely relevant to the requirement, with ambiguity and lacking specific detail.
0 Unacceptable – The answer is non-compliant and/or no relevant information has been received to demonstrate the individual can achieve the required outcomes. No response or a response that is entirely irrelevant.

The panel appointed to evaluate the bids will individually score all responses received. Each score will then have the relevant weighting applied.  The mean average of the weighted scores awarded by each member of the evaluation panel will then be calculated.

The mean average scores after the weighting has been applied, will be added together to produce an overall total score.

The pricing evaluation will be based on the response with the lowest overall cost being assigned a score of 10 and all other responses will be calculated pro-rata.

Please note that all your responses to the tender requirements and the pricing schedule will be incorporated into a contractual document.

Apply Instruction


Annex 1: Application
Annex 2: Terms and Conditions of Contract (Example)
Annex 3: British Council Core Skills and Competencies

Company Information

British Council


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