Best sports tattoos design & Idea

Most of us like sports. Some of us love sports. Then there are those of us who – the few, the proud – who LIVE for sports. These are people’s tattoos who love a sport so much that they want it permanently inked on their skin. It’s intense, and that’s just the way we like ’em! See if we have a kickass tattoo of your favourite sport.


Sports Tattoos

This is my favorite – but I’m a Habs fan. This is the classic holy trinity for Canadiens fans: Rocket Richard, Guy Lafleur, and a slightly deformed looking Jean Beleveau.


Sports Tattoos

Wow, this is someone who loves basketball on a religious level. Literally. He has combined the two sacred religions into one. He? Nope, this is a woman’s tattoo. Fooled you.


Sports Tattoos

Love this one. A proud Brazilian soccer fan. Look at the sunburn marks on his right arm. Yikes. This guy needs to take sunburn as seriously as he does soccer.


Sports Tattoos

A very clever logo: Superman meets the Pittsburgh Steelers. Notice the Steelers color scheme now? Yup! This is a true fan.


Sports Tattoos


This classic quote makes me warm inside every time I read it. I can smell cracker jacks and hear a boy yelling at me to eat a hot dog or two.

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