In February, 40 thousand teachers are recruited

According to the private teacher registration and certification authority (NTRCA) chairman SM Ashfaq Hussain, the appointment letter of 40 thousand teachers will be given to private educational institutions in the next month (February).

Confirming the appointment of Borber in the afternoon, she said that the merit list of the candidates registered with the private teacher registration and certification authority (NTRCA) will be published this month.

Ashfaq Hussain said the application process is over. Check-in is currently running. The merit list of eligible candidates will be published this month. It will be mentioned here that some organizations have been considered eligible. Joining activities in February will start.

In response to a question that will be recruited in the system, he said that all processes will be done in the electronic system. Eligible candidates will be notified via SMS after the results are published. At the same time, this information will be communicated to the managing committee of the concerned organization and in writing.

Ashfaq Hussein said, within 30 days, eligible candidates will be asked to join. If no one joins this time, he will be given the opportunity to join the next merit list considering that the eligible candidate is eligible.

Referring to the recruitment of more than 20 thousand teachers, the chairman said that the new recruitment notice will be published in August this year and will be added in September.

According to NTTRA sources, about 3 million applications have been filed against the 40 thousand vacant seats in the private educational institution. In the merit list, 7 of the 7th applicants, who have registered from the first 14th registers, have received an average of 7 applications.

According to the public statement, 39,535 posts are vacant in school-college, madrasa and technical institutes across the country. Appointment of candidates from the 1st to the 14th registration examinations were asked to apply for institution-based applications against these posts. The applications received will be finalized on the basis of national merit list, for the appointment of a candidate against each post.

Source: Jugantar

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