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Sidra Careers – Hamad Town, Doha, Bahrain, Qatar

We provide children and women with outstanding tertiary healthcare services in an innovative and ultramodern facility specially designed to promote healing. We collaborate with academic partners, leading research institutions and Qatar’s health sector to train students and staff. We will deliver leading clinical and translational research of value to the population of Qatar and the world.

SIDRA4721 Research Specialist IV – Biostatistics Research Professional 19-Nov-2018
SIDRA4722 Research Specialist IV – Epidemiology Research Professional 19-Nov-2018
SIDRA4725 Therapies Recruitment Event: UK – November, 2018 Allied Professional 30-Nov-2018
SIDRA4724 Clinical Nurse Manager – Operating Room Nursing and Nurse Practitioners Management 28-Mar-2019
SIDRA4645 Post Doctoral Fellow – Human Genetics Research Professional 18-Nov-2018
SIDRA4720 Post Doctoral Fellow – Bioinformatics Research Professional 16-Nov-2018
SIDRA4716 Future Vacancy: Clinical Staff Pharmacist – Inpatient Services Allied Professional 30-Nov-2018
SIDRA4359 Technician – Ultrasound (Pediatrics) Allied Entry 30-Nov-2018
SIDRA3505 Orthodontic Technician Allied Professional 29-Nov-2018
SIDRA3410 Physician – General Pediatrics Physicians Professional 31-Dec-2018
SIDRA4481 Attending Physician – Pediatric Neuro Imaging Physicians Professional 31-Jan-2019
SIDRA4640 Research Specialist IV – Bioinformatics Research Professional 20-Nov-2018
SIDRA3767 Physician Hematopathologist Physicians Professional 31-Dec-2018
SIDRA3447 Nurse Practitioner – Hematology / Oncology / BMT Nursing and Nurse Practitioners Professional 31-Dec-2018
SIDRA3539 Clinical Nurse – Transfusion Safety Nursing and Nurse Practitioners Professional 31-Dec-2018
SIDRA4620 Adult ICU Hospitalist Physicians Entry 31-Dec-2018
SIDRA4594 Hospitalist – Cardiac Surgery Physicians Entry 31-Dec-2018
SIDRA4580 Pediatric Physical Therapist II Allied Professional 30-Nov-2018
SIDRA4568 Hospitalist Physician – Body Imaging Physicians Professional 31-Dec-2018
SIDRA3448 Nurse Practitioner – Neonatology Nursing and Nurse Practitioners Professional 28-Feb-2019
SIDRA3338 Medical Interpreter (Shift Duty) Admin and Support Services Entry 30-Nov-2018
SIDRA4543 Undergraduate Sponsorship – Nursing (Qatari/Qatari Mother) Learning and Development Entry 31-Dec-2018
SIDRA4530 Clinical Nurse – Critical Care (PICU/ NICU) – (SINGLE BENEFITS ONLY) Nursing and Nurse Practitioners Professional 31-Dec-2018
SIDRA4512 Clinical Embryologist Allied Professional 30-Nov-2018
SIDRA3151 Psychologist – Child & Adolescent Allied Professional 30-Nov-2018
SIDRA4495 Nurse Practitioner – Adult Critical Care Nursing and Nurse Practitioners Professional 30-Nov-2018
SIDRA4492 Physician – Radiologist (Interventional Radiology) Physicians Professional 31-Jan-2019
SIDRA4491 Physician – Radiologist (Body Imaging) Physicians Professional 31-Mar-2019
SIDRA4483 Attending Physician/Consultant Clinical Scientist Physicians Professional 31-Dec-2018
SIDRA4156 Division Chief -Pediatric Neuro-Imaging Physicians Professional 31-Dec-2018
SIDRA4043 Clinical Lead – Psychology Allied Professional 30-Nov-2018
SIDRA3957 Engineer – Data Medical Administration Professional 31-Dec-2018
SIDRA3857 Engineer – Analytics and Visualization Medical Administration Professional 31-Dec-2018
SIDRA3762 Nurse Practitioner – All Specialties Nursing and Nurse Practitioners Professional 31-Dec-2018
SIDRA2533 Speech Language Pathologist II Allied Professional 30-Nov-2018
SIDRA2258 Registered Dietitian II Allied Professional 30-Nov-2018
SIDRA3421 Physician – Neonatology Physicians Professional 30-Nov-2018
SIDRA3185 Technologist – Ultrasound (Pediatrics) Allied Professional 30-Nov-2018
SIDRA3139 Orthopedic Practitioner Allied Professional 30-Nov-2018
SIDRA3130 Technologist – Radiography (Pediatrics) Allied Professional 30-Nov-2018

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